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Class 13 September 2016

Last class, we began our prōlūdium (preliminary study) into Canada’s uniformed services.  For next Tuesday (20 September), you need to …

  1. Open the Latin 7 Class Folder in Google Drive.  In the folder called 4 – Homework and assignments you will find a document called 401) The Uniformed Services.
  2. In document 401, scroll down to your name.  Beside your name you will see the name of an organisation.  You must do a little research into the organisation listed so that you can answer the four questions at the top of the document:
    1. What is it?
    2. Where is it?
    3. Why does it exist?
    4. How does it do what it does?
    5. Who is involved in it?
    6. When was it formed?
  3. Your answer does not need to be long.  Point-form is fine, with one sentence for each question.  We just want to get a broad overview of what’s happening in Canada before we turn to Ancient Rome.
  4. You can submit your answer on paper, or you can type it in a Google doc.  If you choose to type it, please label the document with the number 401 so that I can find it, and the file the document in your personal Latin folder (not the class folder)!

This is all due next Tuesday 20 September.  If you have any trouble, please send me an e-mail.