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Three days after the ides of October

We played another round of the Race through Rome today to continue to practise our verbs.  Very well done to you all!

Your only new homework is to practise your vocabulary on Quizlet.  If you have not already done so, please also finish drill 505 and assignment 402.  You may submit them either on paper or in your personal Latin folder on Google Drive (the folder that I shared with you that has your name on it).

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Three days before the ides of October

Today we played a board game to practise the verbs of the first and second conjugation.  Well done to all of you!

nullum pensum uōbīs est: you have no homework!  The outline of your parallel lives should already be done (if not, you’d better get on that …).  I will provide some feedback on your outline over the weekend, and you will have time in class next week to work on the assignment itself.  The final due date is Tuesday 25 October.