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Three days before the nones of November

Today we took most of our time to practise reading verbs and sentences in preparation for the introduction of nouns by looking at ex. 503 part D.  Your homework is to complete ex. 503 part C (which should be slightly easier, as it is a translation from Latin to English).  Note also the new vocabulary, which includes our first three nouns!

We also introduced the endings of the nouns, though we haven’t done anything with them yet.  I shall be adding a document about nouns to the Grammar folder in Google Drive in the near future.


The Arval Brethren were one of eldest of the many priestly colleges of the religion of the Ancient Roman state, tending to the cult of dea Dia, a nature-goddess, and of the ancestors so as to ensure a good harvest. During the reign of the emperor Augustus, the college was used as a tool of imperial unity and control. The term ‘arval’ comes from ‘arvum’, which means ‘a ploughed field’, and reflects their agricultural origin.

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