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Six days before the ides of November

To-day we looked a little more at the technical points of the passage that we first looked at last week (about the map), particularly the endings.  (In the following list, the slash separates singular and plural forms.)

For the nouns

  • subject of the verb: -a/-ae
  • object of the verb: -am/-ās
  • place where (with the preposition in): -ā/-īs

For the verbs

  • commands: -ā/-āte
  • is/are = est/sunt

Note also that the endings of adjectives must reflect the noun they describe.  So …

  • praeceptor bonus.  The teacher is good. (masculine)
  • puella bona.  The girl is good. (feminine)
  • templum bonum.  The temple is good. (neuter)

If you could look over the vocabulary for next week, that would be grand, as we shall then be able to read the whole passage more or less smoothly.


The Arval Brethren were one of eldest of the many priestly colleges of the religion of the Ancient Roman state, tending to the cult of dea Dia, a nature-goddess, and of the ancestors so as to ensure a good harvest. During the reign of the emperor Augustus, the college was used as a tool of imperial unity and control. The term ‘arval’ comes from ‘arvum’, which means ‘a ploughed field’, and reflects their agricultural origin.

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