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Seventeen days before the kalends of December

To-day we again went over the method or process of reading a Latin sentence.  We shall continue to develop this skill as we go along.

Your homework is to come up with three categories for the rubric by which your artefact will be graded (doc. 407), and to brainstorm a few bullet-points for each category.  For example, if one of my categories is ‘The use of colour’, my bullets may read as follows.

  • colours suitable for the artefact (e.g. terra cotta is red)
  • colours reflect the artefact’s history (e.g. repainted, showing wear and tear, …)


The Arval Brethren were one of eldest of the many priestly colleges of the religion of the Ancient Roman state, tending to the cult of dea Dia, a nature-goddess, and of the ancestors so as to ensure a good harvest. During the reign of the emperor Augustus, the college was used as a tool of imperial unity and control. The term ‘arval’ comes from ‘arvum’, which means ‘a ploughed field’, and reflects their agricultural origin.

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