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Ten days before the kalends of December

You had a work block to-day, and you are all making good progress on your artefacts.

Your homework is to continue your research and planning and to begin gathering your supplies.  Remember to document your creative process as you go, as we discussed when we look at the rubric.

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Ten days before the kalends of December

We started out by looking at the surprising Latin root of the English word filefīlum, a thread, in reference to the thread that mediaeval courts used to keep their documents in order (kind of like staples are used today).  Neat, eh? 🤓

We used most of the class to continue work on our model, particularly through painting. 🎨

Finally, at the end of class, we played a quick game of Quizlet Live.  It may be worth your while to review the locūtiōnēs, as they seemed to cause some trouble. 📓

Your homework is to continue your research for your part of the model.  Remember that non-fiction picture books from the library can be a great source of information and inspiration for what to include in your module of the model.  I also include below the image that I showed to you when we started the project.