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Kalends of December

To-day we continued our work on the model.  Some of you need to use your class time more effectively, but on the whole you are doing very well.

Your homework is to do any preparatory work over the week-end (like making figurines to go onto your model) and to bring your supplies on Tuesday.  Remember that the final presentation is Tuesday 13 December (a week and a half from to-day).

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Kalends of December

To-day we began with a brief questionnaire to give me some feedback about how the course was perceived at your end.  Your responses are very useful for me as I put together my plans for the new session in January.

I then had you complete your sentences for use in the board game (Race through Rome) which we shall hopefully use next week.

Your homework is to work on your artefact over the week-end.  I have spoken to most of you, and you all seem to be in a good position to go forward.  Well done!