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Nones of January

To-day we began our new unit of study by watching this little film about the lion and the mouse.  This kind of story is called a fable.

Here were our observations:

  • character
    • talking animals (lion and mouse)
    • each character has one trait
    • the lion learns a lesson
  • plot
    • animals help each other (return a favour)
    • the ending surprises the lion
    • the situation is reversed (the lion saves the mouse, and then the mouse saves the lion)
    • the lion has a change of heart
  • setting
    • in the jungle
    • in the past (‘many, many years ago’)
    • relatively fixed (can be changed, e.g., to the African plain, but not the modern city)
  • purpose
    • this story is didactic (its purpose is to teach us something)
    • the lesson is that one must help others, that showing kindness earns kindness in return, and that one should never understimate kindness

pensa (homework)

  • Write your own definition of what a fable is.
  • Bring your red binder next day.
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Nones of January

To-day, we opened our new area of study by looking at professions and occupations in the modern world.  The following video was our starting-point, and we built up our discussion from thence.

nullum pensum uōbīs est.