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Seven days before the kalends of February

To-day we started, for interest’s sake, looking at Nicolas Poussin’s painting (circa 1635) and at the old English time-words fortnight, sennight and twelvemonth.  We then moved on to practise with Kahoot, with mixed results.  I concluded by testing what you’d learnt from the Kahoot in a quiz.


pensum: Using the library catalogue, compose a list of books available at the Vancouver Public Library and the North Vancouver City Library on the subject of the Middle Ages.

You may find it useful to focus on one part of the Middle Ages: the Low Middle Ages (Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Roman ruins, …); the High Middle Ages (Normans, Crusades, castles, …); or the Late Middle Ages (plagues, social upheaval, seeds of the Renaissance, …).  Also, bear in mind that we shall soon focus on occupations.